This is Skye

Welcome to my small home where you can find some information about me and other interesting stuff

This is the old version of the website! It will be updated soon as I finish my other tasks. Also, some content can be outdated too.


My Skills

"Follow your dreams and use your natural-born talents and skills to make this a better world for tomorrow" (Paul Watson)

Front End

I started learning Front End at the end of 2017. Why so? Well, you can create the whole new content on the Internet! There are almost no limits. You can even create standalone applications (e.g. VSCode or Atom). Right now this website is generated with Hugo (static website generator) but I would love to create it by myself without any generator.


I encountered Node.js when I wanted to create a bot for Telegram. After some basic research, I already knew how to use promises and how Node.js works. Then my first Telegram bot came up. It was a beautiful experience learning Node.js and it's possibilities. I created around 10 bots while working on freelance and this helped me gain lots of experience.


When I found Telegram I immediately tried to create something useful for it and this is how my bot for managing one of my friend's groups came out. Telegram has unique API for their bots and I learned almost every part of it. Now I have around 7 finished projects (5 of them are on a freelance website).


Unity is like the core of game development. I started creating games when I was 11. My first game was "SCP-432" for Android. It had so many bugs and glitches, but I was still happy with it. Now using C# for game development (before was UnityScript). I like how Unity is multiplatform so I can develop games for PC, Android, and other devices.


My native language is Russian. I have started translating on a freelance website and it was a successful move! Even for a small price, I managed to translate 10 projects (some of them were huge). I have learned many things from this experience and now I want to move even further. Maybe my knowledge in English is not so perfect, but translating from it to Russian is a lot easier for me.


Simplistic style. I use Inkscape for creating logos, apps, banners, interfaces. GIMP is for editing later. Also sometimes Paint.NET is very useful with some it's internal effects if using Windows. "Material Design" is my most preferable design style because it is elegant, simplistic and intuitive. Had experience with icon and UI development.


I love music too much. But orchestral music is my craving. Piano, strings, cellos, violins... and action drums create real good combination together. My best compositions are in classical genre and I don't know why. Using FL Studio with some VST plugins (mostly Xpand2!). I share my best compositions on SoundCloud.

3D Modeling

Well, I am far from this, but whatever. Learned how to use Blender and already tried my skills in action. Can rig the model and do basic animations. Prefer Blender because it is open source and it has a giant book with lots of tutorials. You can find it here.

My Projects

Awesome and awful projects below

"With love, from Skye~"